After more than 33 years of production and business activities with many ups and downs and challenges, Biti’s has grown and grown up along the country, becoming a prestigious brand, trusted and familiar to consumers. use and be the pride of the Vietnamese people for a “National Brand” in the field of prestigious and quality footwear .

tireless footsteps
From a small production establishment that started in 1982 and became a cooperative named Binh Tien specialized in producing rubber sandals in District 6 with a few dozen workers and above all, a heart for the country’s economic development. Enthusiastic owners, Biti’s has experienced a period of subsidized economy with many difficulties. But more than 33 years have passed, like one “tireless footsteps”, Binh Tien Consumer Goods Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Biti’s) has gradually built up an era of production and export strategy, creating a brand of Biti’s Shoes associated with the needs and tastes of people. consumption. Currently, Biti’s company has become a strong unit, showing a breakthrough in the field of footwear business; have enough human, material and financial resources to develop the industry and bring about higher achievements.

Wide Scales
A distribution system of Biti’s products stretches from South to North  07 Central branch156 Shop marketing và hơn 1.500 retail distribution intermediaries, has created stable jobs for more than 9,000 employees at Biti’s Corporation and Dona Biti’s Corporation with an annual output of over 20 million pairs, a wide range of products, diverse in designs, models such as High-end sports shoes, fashion women’s shoes, leather shoes, canvas shoes, EVA foam slippers, indoor comedy … In China, Biti’s has set up 04 representative offices with 30 total sales, more than 300 points of sale. In order to gradually bring Biti’s products to occupy this potential cross-border market. With a potential Cambodian market, Biti’s has an official distributor of Cambo Trading Company to distribute Biti’s products throughout the territory of Cambodia. Biti’s has exported to 40 countries around the world such as Italy, France, England, USA, Russia, Japan, South America, Mexico, Cambodia, …. In addition, Biti’s is also trusted by international customers with famous brands such as Decathlon, Clarks, Speedo, Skechers, Lotto, … to choose to become processing partners with many large value orders..

With the mindset of “Creating for the mission to survive and develop the company”, at present, Biti’s is interested in developing a long-term and sustainable investment strategy. The company believes that the future investment fields such as hotel, resort, tourism, trade center … with the prestige and service quality will be the leading guideline for all business activities of the company. Biti’s.